My Software
TI-99/Sim v0.15.0 Updated 18-Mar-2017  

An emulator for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Home Computer. It features full sound speech emulation. Supports emulation of the Gram Kracker™, TI-Disk system, and 32K Memory expansion unit. This is a port of a Win32 based emulator that I wrote a while back and am in the process of porting to Linux using SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer). The code is now machine independant and should run on any platform supported by SDL.

Changes: Improvements to disk and file access. Notes: Requires existing images of the TI console ROM and GROM in order to work.

ZenNode v1.2.1 Updated 30-May-2004  

A text-mode BSP builder for DOOM WAD files. ZenNode will rebuild the BSP, REJECT map, and BLOCKMAP structures of a WAD file.

Fixed: Crash in REJECT builder when the BLOCKMAP structure is invalid.